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Features of the most accurist software

very simple and very quick to calculate your price immediately, hourly clinic rate calculation

Supports Arabic and English , help you to reach your specific price not high or low

customized→ you can add or remove any service you want you can make a modification for each service


Most frequent questions and answers

you just pay 400 l.e instead of 800 then we make an access for you

it’s very easy to use the software 

you can watch video above ..

yes, it is

you can add or remove any service you want

you can modify each service

you can but If you did not find software useful for you 

خصم 50 % لفترة محدودة
على الاشتراك السنوى
السعر 400 جنية بدلا من 800

العرض متاح لمدة 3 ايام فقط
الحق فرصتك دلوقتى

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